Ten ways to avoid electrical hazards

Safety is always an ongoing concern at GreenTree Electric. Below are ten ways you can avoid electrical hazards at your home or workplace.

1. If you feel that there may be an electrical hazard, stay back and notify an electrical professional.

2. Keep a minimum distance of 3 metres from overhead lines.

3. Inspect all of your electrical tools and equipment for: cut or broken wiring, frayed ends, missing ground prong, missing strain relief, and improper cube tap usage.

4. Circuit breakers are provided to protect equipment. Never reset a breaker with a voltage above 220 volts. Additionally, you should only reset the breaker if you know why it faulted initially.

5. When plugging in power equipment, ensure it is switched in the ‘off’ position.

6. When unplugging power equipment, grasp the plug tightly and pull. Never wiggle the cord in the electrical socket.

7. Never rest power cables over radiators or hot pipes.

8. Always check electrical sockets for damaged or missing parts. Never plug equipment into a damaged socket.

9. Do not store any materials within 1 metre of electrical panels or equipment.

10. Electrical equipment that is causing shocks should always be tagged with a danger tag.