Installing power outlets safely

When it comes to installing new power outlets and switches, safety is a major concern. Open circuits can be dangerous when not handled correctly. Below is Green Tree Electric’s checklist for installing power outlets safely.

  • Check all power outlets for a sticker of a recognized certification agency.
  • Before you begin, follow these five steps to ensure you and your family is protected:
    • 1. Gain as much knowledge as possible.
    • 2. Do not begin any work without ensuring the power is turned off from the panel box. Make use of an approved tester to make sure the power is fully switched off.
    • 3. Only use certified products. Check for the label of approved certification agencies.
    • 4. Consult an ESA (Electrical Safety Authority) licensed electrician if you are uncertain of the electrical system in your home.
    • 5. Have all electrical work inspected by the Ontario Electrical Safety Code.
  • Be aware that power outlets may be connected to two different circuits in your home’s electrical system. Make sure to test both outlets before beginning any work.
  • Ensure your power outlets have correct covering. Make sure to replace the cover if it is in poor condition.
  • Do not attempt to force a plugin into an outlet if it doesn’t fit. Never remove a prong from the plug in order to make it fit.
  • The ESA recommends contracting a licensed electrician to complete the electrical work in your home.