Ensuring your electrical equipment is safe to work on

Before you begin any electrical task, it is important to make sure the electrical equipment you are working on and with is safe. Below is a guideline to ensuring your electrical equipment is safe to work on.

1. Check that all the energy sources (electrical, mechanical, gas, pneumatic, hydraulic, pressure, etc.) have been isolated securely and that any energy previously stored in the equipment has been released.

2. Always follow the instructions provided by the equipment manufacturer. If no instructions are included with your equipment, contact the manufacturer and have them sent to you.

3.Equipment that contains hazardous chemicals may have to be decontaminated before it is safe to work on. If you are unsure, always contact a professionally licensed electrician.

4. Make sure that it is impossible for an energy source can be reconnected to the equipment while it is being worked on.

5. Always test the conductors near your work site to ensure that they are dead using ESA approved equipment.